The History of The Angel Projects of America

November 2, 2018

Good morning family and friends,


I've been asked on several occasions about donations and how someone can donate directly to the mission trips that I go on and not fund a faceless foundation that might use the money for admin and overhead costs. The Angel Projects is me… Susan, CC and Lilia.


The history of the Angel Projects started over 8 years ago

created over lunch with 2 beautiful ladies, Nadege St-Hilaire and Susan Oertle. A dream of ours was to work all over the world with like-minded people who have the same vision.


We maintain outside positions that pay our salaries and any administrative costs. We also seek grants and other funding to assist with any additional expenses the foundation may need.


We want to assure you that each donation you make, 100% goes to the project you have chosen.


So when you donate and support The Angel Projects, you are supporting the mission and not a faceless foundation.


Our foundation has many faces.




Susan Oertle - President and Administrator

Olivia Foster - Executive Director and Treasurer





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